Sports Science

Sports Science

Tailor-made programme to enhance your sports performance

Sports Science pertains to various assessments done to understand the limits of performance and give guidelines to athletes on how to improve performance. At Sportsmed Activ we cater to enthusiastic weekend warriors and amateur runners as well as high-performance Olympic bound athletes. A variety of sports are covered from technical sports like shooting and archery to all out sports like sprints and boxing to a mix like badminton and tennis.


This is achieved with state of the art equipment like gas analyzers, lactate meters, pressure plates, motion analysis, video analysis by expert sport scientists having a decade of experience working in the field of elite sport.

What is Sports Science?

Sports Science is a scientific approach to enhancing sports performance, health and well-being; this is achieved by combining a broad range of fields including human physiology, psychology and biomechanics.


The physiological aspect of sports science calls for adequate analysis and accurate reporting of current performance of the athlete, so that she can better understand and hone her skills. Our sports scientists make use of reliable methodologies and measurements to support athletes, amateurs and aspirants further in their training. Further, we understand how important it is to achieve an optimal balance between exercise, rest and diet; thus, we maximize effectiveness for sport-specific training.


Several psychological factors determine how an individual achieves success and optimal performance in sport, and may also affect whether individuals choose to engage with exercise. At Sportsmed Activ, we understand your psychological needs and wants to design your training programmes.


Last but not the least, exercise at any level requires a well-balanced diet for continued good health and successful sporting performance. We provide important nutrition tips and diet suggestions.

What tests are carried out at Sportsmed Activ?

At Sportsmed Activ, we appreciate that precision is the game changer; we try and understand how an individual performs in diverse environmental conditions and get him/her ready for most foreseen circumstances. We have created an infrastructure where athletes, amateurs and aspirants can understand and hone their skills. A few tests that can be carried out at Sportsmed Activ are:


  • Movement analysis using video cameras and subsequent software assessment.
  • Pressure plates that sense minute changes in the loading of the feet.
  • Balance assessment with pressure plates.
  • Capacity for high-intensity exercise using a Breath Gas Analyzer.
  • A cycle and treadmill ergometer to check the amount of oxygen being consumed and its effectiveness while exercising.
  • Endurance assessment through Lactate estimation.

Additionally, we house high-end rehabilitation equipment from HUR and experienced physiotherapists; thus, we serve as a one-stop shop to all athletes.

What sport-specific assessments do we offer?

Amateur Running - The popularity of long distance running has been responsible for healthier choices for a lot of people but this has also led to a number of injuries when running is not done correctly. At Sportsmed Activ, we do a comprehensive assessment for runners which includes a joint and muscle screening to identify any current or potential injuries, a gait analysis using videos and pressure plate to identify issues with running form and a gas analysis to check for oxygen consumption. This analysis helps our sport scientists and physios to recommend individualized conditioning plans, gait modifications, shoes and insole requirement, training guidelines based on the VO2max (volume of oxygen consumed).


Shooting is one of India's most successful Olympic sports, having won us 4 medals, including the only, individual Gold. It is a technical sport with high demands on focus, concentration and technique. Our sports scientists and physios do a physical screening followed by an assessment using motion sensors at the shooting range itself to understand the factors that affect the accuracy of the shots. The coach and the athlete are made aware of the issues and general guidelines given with regards to physical conditioning.