Pneumatic Techn Gym

Pneumatic Technology Gym

Fully equipped with HUR pneumatic machines

Pneumatic technology gives HUR machines several advantages and advanced features. Pneumatic means compressed air. HUR machines function through a resistance method that employs a natural transmission of power, which simulates the natural function/movements of your muscles. Using pneumatic technology and lever arms, resistance is adjusted in accordance with your muscle’s natural generation of muscular force. The earliest adopters of pneumatic technology include Olympic and professional sports teams, along with some of the world’s leading performance training facilities.


Pneumatic machines, then, are the closest one can get to true isotonic exercise. Isotonic exercise is when a muscle is contracting against a constant load. It’s really hard to do this with will power and muscle control alone. .



Advantages of Pneumatic Technology in HUR Equipment

HUR resistance is designed to accommodate the fact that every body is not the same. HUR's more consistent load or resistance profile reduces stress on joints and connective tissues. The workload is applied more specifically to the muscles for more effective results. It mimics the natural function of the muscles.


Here are a few advantages of pneumatic technology in HUR equipment:

  • Stepless resistance adjustment lets users adjust resistance to exactly what they want.
  • Minimum resistance starts at 0 kg, making it possible to start rehabilitation early.
  • HUR machines are safe to use in that all power-transmission technology is encased.
  • Weight stack machines are more suited to slow, controlled movements. An increase in speed produces inertia, distorting the loading on the muscle, impacting on the joint and reducing the training effect. However, the soft and natural resistance of HUR machines allow for effective resistance, irrespective of speed.
  • Soft and natural resistance during all speeds of movement, even during speed training.
  • With range limiters, it is possible to determine where a movement starts and ends, making rehabilitation safe.
  • HUR machines work muscles in both concentric and eccentric phases.
  • HUR machines allow for the measurement and training of isometric strength.

Why HUR machines for Senior Citizens?

Maintaining enough level of strength is vital to ensure senior citizen's ability to lead life independently.  Resistance training in senior citizens is found to be beneficial for bone health and muscle function. Osteoporosis generally affects senior citizens and may make trivial injuries life threatening. Effective interventions inclusive of resistance training, balance and weight bearing exercises can prevent falls and subsequent casualties.

Minimum resistance in HUR starts at 0 Kg, thus allowing resistance training to be started earlier during rehabilitation and injury prevention programs.

We can grow older but don't have to feel old. Sportsmed's Graceful Ageing program will help maintain optimal physical health, prevent injuries and keep you young at heart. Never stop moving!

Why HUR machines for Rehabilition?

Precision in testing and measurability is of utmost importance when it comes to rehabilitation. HUR machines provide high-quality testing; they also offer functional packages, where tests are incorporated into machines that are in daily use.


At Sportsmed Activ, we follow the HUR PhysioFitness approach; our equipment and spatial solutions takes into account not only normal rehabilitation functions but also allows for a broader use of the training locale.