Sportsmed Activ helps in holistic injury management

About Sportsmed Activ

Launched in April 2017, Sportsmed Activ is a holistic injury management and performance enhancement center. Our key objective is to facilitate back to work / sports. We achieve this by designing a tailor-made regime for you; this could include physiotherapy, sports science and other therapies such as penumatic technology gym.

About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy aims to develop, restore and maintain maximum movements and functional ability throughout the lifespan. Movements and function may be threatened by injury, pain, aging, disease, disorder or environment factors. Physiotherapists, using knowledge and skills unique to them, assess movement potential and formulate goal-based management programs through a team approach that includes the client, other health professional and family members.

About Sports Science

It is all about understanding and using the science of Sport in combination with the knowledge of human movements systems to make efficient training schedules, prevent injuries and amplify performance. Sports science assessment helps identifying lacunae in an athlete’s regime and suggest corrective measures for the same.

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Services We Offer


Our Physiotherapists are experienced in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions that gives rise to joint pains, restricted mobility, arthritis, lower back and neck disorder, pre- and post-operative rehabilitation, hand injuries, sports-related injuries and chronic pain. We are also involved in promotions of fitness in clients with sedentary lifestyles or modification of fitness choices according to injuries, ageing or diseases.

Sports Science

Sports Science in India, has been overlooked for long. Under the expert guidance of a Sports Scientist, we offer an infrastructure where athletes, amateurs and aspirants can understand what’s needed to hone their skills.

Pneumatic Technology Gym

The Gym houses HUR machines with natural transmission of power that use Pneumatic Technology and lever arms to adjust resistance in accordance with the muscles natural force generation. Zero minimum resistance and stepless resistance control make it extremely useful from the most initial stages of rehabilitation to the advanced stages of return to sports.


Yoga improves strength, flexibility, and mind-body awareness. Passionate yoga practitioners have reported that they are sleeping better or getting fewer colds or just feeling more relaxed and at ease. While first-hand experiences does help, research has suggested 38 benefits of yoga. Sportsmed Activ is here to help you roll out the mat.

I am walking again because of the guidance and care that Pranita and the Sportsmed Activ team have given me. I did my pre and post operation (ACL & Meniscus) physio with them and still go in every month to work on my recovery. The facilities are great, always well maintained and clean. I would definitely recommend Sportsmed & Sportsmed Activ to anyone considering an ACL related consultation.

Rajiv Nandodkar

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The best sports related care and treatment that's one:one involving guidance on conditioning and strengthening post injury. I thanks team Sportsmed Active for the tailor-made treatment and counseling.

Pallavi Dighe

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I had a very bad distal radius fracture less than 3 months back; luckily it was my left hand. After 6 weeks of brace, for the last 6 weeks I have been undergoing physiotherapy at Sportsmed Activ. A recent consultation with my surgeon and I was told that that my physio has done a fantastic job in regaining mobility and strength. This was all achieved in just 10 sessions. I sincerely thank Sportsmed Activ for the recovery in such a short time. I would certainly recommend Sportsmed Activ if you looking for your physio needs.

Manish Agrawal

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